Coverage and plans for every need and budget. Long distance includes the contiguous United States. Plus, a full list of ala carte phone features like voice mail, call forward, 3-way calling, caller ID with name, and so much more!

Single Line Business FCC Subscriber Line Charge $6.50/mo


Per Month
  •  Basic Service 
Additional Services
Touch Tone Service $2.25/mo.
Call Waiting $2.75/mo.
Caller ID* $5.95/mo.
Caller ID with name* $7.95/mo.
Call Forwarding $2.75/mo.
Three-way Calling $2.75/mo.
8 Number Speed Dialing $2.75/mo.
30 Number Speed Dialing $4.50/mo.
Automatic Callback* $3.00/mo.
Repeat Dialing* $3.00/mo.

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