PHONE Calling Features

Caller ID Number – Displays the phone number of the party calling you.

Caller ID Name – If available, display the name of the party calling you.

Call Waiting – While on a call, you will hear a special tone letting you know that another person is trying to call you. To answer simply press and quickly release the hook switch on your phone, or if your phone has a “FLASH” button, you may also press that.

Call Waiting with Caller ID – Displays the name and number of the 2nd party trying to call you.

Call Forward Variable – Allows you to forward incoming calls to any other number while you’re away. To use this feature go off hook and dial *72 and then listen for dial tone. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded to. When the call is answered Call Forwarding Variable is enabled. To disable the feature go off hook and dial *73.

Call Forward Busy/No Answer – When your line is busy or if you don’t answer, you can have this set up to forward your calls to another number. Please call Union Telephone to set this up.

Three way calling – While talking on the phone, add in another person to the conversation by pressing the hookswitch and quickly releasing it (or pressing the “FLASH” button) and listen for 3 short beeps and then a steady dial tone. (Your existing call is placed on hold). Dial the third party. When ready to connect everyone together press the hookswitch again to begin the three-way call. When the originating party hangs up, all parties are disconnected.

Auto Callback – If you receive a busy signal when calling someone, hang up for a few seconds. Then go back off hook and dial *66. The system will try to reach your party for 30 minutes. Once the party is available your phone will ring. Answer your phone and you will be connected to the other party.

Auto Recall – Dial *69 to have the system read back the number of the last incoming call. Follow the instructions to automatically call the number back.
Speed Dial 30 – instead of dialing all 10 or 11 digits when making a call, dial the 2 digit speed dial code and #. Please contact Union Telephone for detailed instructions.

Selective Call Rejection – Block individual numbers from calling your line. Dial *60 to turn this on or off, and to enter the numbers you wish to block.

Do Not Disturb – To block all incoming calls dial *78 to enable this feature. When ready, dial *79 to disable it.

Call Transfer – To transfer a call to a second number, flash-hook and dial the second number. Wait until you hear ring back. At this point you can then hang up either before or after the second number answers and the call will be transferred to their line.

Call Hold – To put the current call on hold so that you can dial a second number, hit flash-hook, dial *52, and dial the second number. You can then hit flash-hook again to switch back to the first call (putting the second call on hold), and again to switch between the two numbers.