Business Services

Business Services from Union Telephone

Coverage and plans for every need. Whether in town or in the country, our technicians can design a plan of services to meet the demands of your business. Contact us today to get started!

Business Internet

Please contact our office for business internet services.

Business Televsion

Entertainment and music for your business is possible with Union Telephone. From the top sports channels to children's favorites and the local channels you've come to rely on, there are channel packages for whatever needs your office or store may need.

Business Phone

Coverage and plans for every need and budget. Long distance includes the contiguous United States. Please contact for rates. Plus, a full list of ala carte phone features like voice mail, call forward, 3-way calling, caller ID with name, and so much more!

Additional Services
Touch Tone Service$2.25/mo.
Call Waiting$2.75/mo.
Caller ID*$5.95/mo.
Caller ID with name*$7.95/mo.
Call Forwarding$2.75/mo.
Three-way Calling$2.75/mo.
8 Number Speed Dialing$2.75/mo.
30 Number Speed Dialing$4.50/mo.
Automatic Callback*$3.00/mo.
Repeat Dialing*$3.00/mo.