TV Everywhere


With your Union Information Systems television account, you can now watch some of your favorite shows from your computer, tablet, or smartphone with the launch of Union’s TV Everywhere. And it works from anywhere you have an Internet signal!

The Union TV Everywhere program selection includes over 25 networks like BTN2GO, NFL, CNN, MSNBC, ABC Family, USA, and Cartoon Network. Each network has its own site and app so you can download all your favorites for free.

Go to

This is the first step to get signed up for the TV Everywhere service.
Enter your account number and the last name off of your billing statement.

The verification code field will populate automatically. Enter the number that is populated.

Continue to fill out the rest of the form. Please Note:

  • Password – Can be as short or as long as you want.
  • Email address – Any valid email address will work. This email address will be used for any further communication with WTVE (ex. Password reset).
  • The username & password will be used whenever you log into the website to watch tv everywhere.

When the form is completed click the Register button. An activation link will be emailed to the email address provided in the form.

Click on the link that was emailed to you from WTVE as part of the validation process. The link will take you to

On the “select your provider” pull down menu, find and select Union Telephone.

Once you have selected Union Telephone as your TV provider you will then select “log in” at the top of the page.

At the “log in” page you will enter in the email address and the password you registered with. Click the “log in” tab to proceed.

After logging in at you will get a page displaying the programs that you are able to select and watch.

You will only see programs displayed that are part of your package/channel lineup you are subscribed to.

Choose A Channel On A Handheld Device
Select a channel you’d like to watch. You will be prompted to download the free program app from the app store (Apple) or play store (Android).

You will need to input your iTunes password to download the app.

Once program app is downloaded you will be at the programmers home screen. At this screen you will need to login, top right, to the programming web app.

Follow the online instructions to login/authenticate your TV account. In most cases, you do not need to create registrations with the network. Try clicking Watch Now and you’ll be asked to choose your TV provider.

Select “Don’t see your provider? See the full list

Select Union Telephone.

Enter the email address and password you registered with for this service.

Click login. At this point, you will have access to the content currently available from the channel provider.

Available Channels